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Acupoll Precision Research website screen shot

Acupoll Precision Research | visit

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Maria did a great job on our new website, She was very strategic in her approach towards the structure and messaging as well as to graphic design elements. She has a good design eye and she was a pleasure to work with. I'd recommend her without hesitation.

– Jeff Goldstein, President at AcuPOLL Precision Research Inc.

Cindy Tripp & Associates website screenshot

Cindy Tripp & Company | visit

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Maria has been a critical partner for me as I have launched my new consultancy. She sought out what made me unique and then designed a website that caused people to say "it's so you Cindy" when they see it. She is a true expert, but she doesn't make you feel like you aren't. She made technology suggestions that make my site flexible in any format, even when I did not know what options there might be.

Maria approaches the work in a collaborative, open manner, seeking your input and guiding you on the journey so that the end product is what you envisioned. Creating my website went from a chore to a joy because of Maria. I could not be happier.

– Cindy Tripp, Cindy Tripp & Company

Ecole Française de Cincinnati website screenshot

Ecole Française de Cincinnati | visit

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Maria is extreemly strategic and result/value oriented. Thanks to this, the website she designed for the Ecole Francaise de Cincinnati is all that we asked for and more.

Above all, the site is easy to use AND saves us an enormous amout of time. This would not have been possible without Maria's strategic thinking as well as her knowlegde of both English and French!

Without Maria interviewing us to find out what we really wanted from the site it would have taken a lot of trial and error to get to where we are now and we would certainly have ended up with something a lot more 'Baroque' - Instead we have the ability to communicate what we want and parents can quickly find what they need.

Having the website running has made our enrollemnt process a breeze. People find us and can enroll with minimal effort from our side and theirs! The website has, by far, exceeded our expecations.

Allison Danneels, Secretary, Ecole Française de Cincinnati

Leonora Polonsky & Associates website screen shot

Leonora Polonsky & Associates |visit

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Both the experience of working with Maria and the quality of her work were truly extraordinary. I was immediately impressed with Maria based on the questions she asked me. She took a totally strategic and user centric approach, exactly the right way to create a site. Throughout the process, Maria asked questions and offered guidance that led to a website that is getting rave reviews from early visitors. I am delighted with the outcome and will retain Maria as an advisor as the site evolves. Maria is bright, creative, energetic, gifted in web design, knowledgeable about technology, and simply delight to know and work with

Gentle Breeze Hot Air Balloon Rides website screen shot

Gentle Breeze Hot Air Balloon Rides | visit

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Maria has done a wonderful job for us! While the original scope of our project changed over time, Maria has been gracious and kind enough to outline what's included and what's extra. She's taken the time to read or hear what we say we want, think about it, analyze it and come back to us with a solution! This is a refreshing experience, compared to some that just go-off and deliver something they didn't fully understand. Maria takes the time to think about the project and come back with clarifications or suggestions.

Wonderful job! Plus the graphic designs are cool!

Brian Trapp, Laurie Givin, Owners, Gentle Breeze Hot Air Balloon Rides

Clermont Crew website screen shot

Clermont Crew | visit

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